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Dunkeld's Soldier Boys & Girls of WWII


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This book commemorates the brave women and men who served in the Australian Defence Forces during World War II, and who now rest in peace or are memorialised at the Dunkeld Cemetery. Among those listed are members of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC), the Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS), and the Australian Women’s Land Army. Not all of them saw active service overseas and of those who did, many became Prisoners of War, however without exception all of them put their lives on hold to willingly give their time to defend our shores and those of our allies in theatres of war from Europe to Darwin and throughout the Pacific.

Who's in the book...

ALBERTSON Ernest Leslie (1916-1990)
ALBERTSON Rita Annie, nee HARRIS (1914-1996)
ANDERSON Isabel, nee GOOD (1913-1996)
ANDERSON Wilfred Arthur (1916-2004)
ARMYTAGE Charles Morrell (1894-1960)
ARMYTAGE Peter Charles Tustin AM (1923-2010)
BALLINGER William (1885-1974)
BEVERIDGE George Horace Saunders (1912-2013)
BEVERIDGE James Alfred Ormond (1908-1999)
BLACKWELL Thomas Montague (1903-1959)
BOWKER Arthur Wesley (1914-2001)
CAMERON Linden Arthur (1918-1986)
CAMPBELL Hubert James (1924-2011)
CARROLL Ilma, nee DAHL (1920-1987)
CARROLL Walter Alan Dale (1920-1991)
CASEY Albert George (1922-1995)
CHAPMAN Eliot Hungerford (1915-1987)
CLABBURN Garth Edward Sommerville (1917-1983)
CLARK Gordon Everard (1921-2001)
COLLINS Edwin Hamel (1920-2004)
COLLINS Leslie Gordon (1919-1988)
COOK Gordon (1915-2000)
COOPER Maxwell Charles Louis (1906-1980)
CRAWFORD Alan John (1917-1987)
CRAWFORD Floyd (1923-2001)
CRAWFORD James Francis Stuart (1920-1983)
CRAWFORD Keith James (1913-2006)
CRAWFORD Ronald John (1922-2001)
DANBY Jack Turner (1922-1982)
DARK Claude Garton (1900-1972)
DARK Eric William (1902-1988)
DARK Leo Douglas (1921-2001)
DICKIE Percy Thomas (1899-1961)
DICKIE William Egbert (1898-1958)
DOHLE Peter John Douglas (1926-2004)
DUNCOMBE George Edward Peter (1926-2015)
DUNCOMBE Irene May, nee PAGE (1922-2005)
FITZPATRICK William Arthur (1916-2004)
FRY Charles Bruce (1923-2012)
GALE Donald Stewart (1906-1967)
GALE Gladys, nee McGREGOR (1912-1994)
GARTON Leonard Ernest (1887-1971)
GARTON Willard Field (1924-1942)
GIBSON Malcolm Stewart (1911-1978)
GODFREY William John (1904-1989)
GORDON Austin Douglas (1907-1977)
GORDON Francis Adolphus (1917-1997)
GORDON Robert Lyndon Stuart (1916-1993)
GORDON William James (1913-1988)
GRIFFIN John Henry (1898-1974)
HARRIS Louis George (1904-1994)
HARRIS William Henry (1908-2002)
HAY Alexander Ramsey (1902-1962)
HAY Hector James (1909-1995)
HOGAN Desmond Roy (1920-1986)
HOWARD Mark Alfred (1918-1999)
HOWELL Frederick Thomas (1900-1968)
HOWELL Raymond Newton (1902-1962)
IRVING William Robert (1926-1995)
KEARNS William Mannix (1920-1983)
KING Leslie Burge (1910-1987)
LAUNDER Arthur Sporton (1921-1982)
LEECH Henry Frederick (1924-2016)
LEWIS Edward John (1918-1996)
LEWIS Phyllis Lorna, nee WARREN (1922-1988)
MACGUGAN Donald (1918-2006)
McARTHUR Dugald John (1897-1982)
McARTHUR Ernest Ross (1921-1998)
McFARLANE John Alexander (1923-2009)
McLEOD Betty Mary, nee EVANS (1921-2019)
McLEOD Norman Neil (1922-1986)
McLEOD Kenneth Bruce (1917-1940)
McLEOD Jack Ronald (1920-1945)
McINTYRE Archibald William (1904-1980)
McINTYRE Arthur James (1909-1984)
MIDDLETON Charles William Walter (1922-1953)
MIDDLETON Henry (1902-1979)
MONTGOMERY Desmond James (1910-1996)
MORSE Ida Mary, nee DERRICK (1915-1991)
MORSE Sydney Leonard (1919-1993)
MYERS John Norman (1892-1954)
MYERS John Norman (1925-2011)
MYERS Norman Lindsay (1897-1961)
NAPIER Erwin James (1921-2018)
NAPIER Jean, nee LUHRS (1921-2006)
O’SHANNESSY Celia Isobel, nee MALSEED (1920-2019)
O’SHANNESSY Mervyn James (1918-2006)
RICHARDSON Donald Bryson (1912-2002)
RICHEY William (1921-2009)
RIDDLE Herbert Francis (1912-1945)
RIDDLE Norman (1915-1999)
RIDDLE Percival (1914-1993)
RIDDLE Sydney Curtis (1915-1993)
ROWBOTTOM Harry (1910-1972)
SHAW Edward Alexander (1911-2003)
SLEEMAN Kenneth (1913-2006)
TEMPLETON James Evelyn (1884-1957)
TEMPLETON Malcolm (1917-1996)
TEMPLETON Murdoch Andrew (1918-2004)
TEMPLETON Norman Bruce (1914-1998)
TEMPLETON Robert William (1909-1963)
THOMAS Albert Ernest (1912-1998)
THOMAS Stanley Raymond (1920-1945)
THOMPSON Douglas Irving (1923-2007)
THOMSON David Paton (1920-1952)
TURRIE Frederick James Raymond (1926-1989)
WALKER Albert Thomas (1913-1976)
WHITTING Mavis June, nee COLLINS (1922-2009)
WOMERSLEY Stanley Vincent (1915-1965)
WOODBURN John Stanley Brudenell (1922-2007)
WOODBURN William James (1923-2017)