Dunkeld & District Historical Museum

Dunkeld Heritage Trail

A unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Dunkeld while enjoying a pleasant stroll through the beautiful town.


1    Family Inn 
2a  Stables and Toilet from the Family Inn
2b  Templeton's tombstone 
3    Mountain View Tea Rooms 
4    William Murdoch's house 
5    Royal Mail Hotel 
6    Early supermarket 
7    State Savings Bank 
8    Mt Sturgeons Store 
9    Dunkeld Motors 
10   Newsagency 
11   Colonial Bank 
12   Soldiers' memorial 
13   Memorial gates 
14   Post Office 
15   Dunkeld hall 
16   St Mary's Anglican Church 
17   Railway Hotel 
18   Railway Station 
19   Bakery 
20   St Patrick's Catholic Church 
21   Methodist Church 
22   Presbyterian Church (Dunkeld Museum)
23   Wondabah in Dunkeld 
24   Police Station 
25   Victoria Park 
26   Dunkeld School No. 183

The Dunkeld Heritage Trail is a volunteer community project that connects us with the built environment and stories of the 20th century.

In January 1944 fires destroyed one third of Dunkeld’s houses and businesses. At a time when many local residents were absent defending Australia in World War II, the fire caused devastating effects on the township.