Dunkeld & District Historical Museum

History research services and fees

Our dedicated research assistants are experienced in genealogy and local history and are willing and ready to help with your research.

Research fees

Research undertaken on behalf of an enquirer:

  • Basic fee of $30 applies for the first hour or part thereof.
  • Then $15 per half hour thereafter to a maximum of $60.

If more time is needed, the enquirer would be consulted for further instructions and approximate costs involved. If no information is found, no fee is charged.

Printing and photocopying fees

  • A4 B&W, per sheet 30c
  • A4 Colour, per sheet $1
  • A3 B&W, per sheet $1.60
  • A3 Colour, per sheet $2

Certificate copies

Birth, Death and Marriage, per A4 sized copy $20

Library use

Use of our Museum history resources with little or no help, per hour $15


Printed on quality photo paper or scanned to digital format 

  • A4 B&W, per image $15
  • A4 Colour, per image $20
  • A3 B&W, per image $30
  • A3 Colour, per image $40

Information lookups

We are happy to lookup information in the records we hold. You can either email us or write to us. Please provide as much information as you can, including topic, dates and names. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for us to locate what information you are seeking. There may be a fee if an intense lookup is required. Please feel free to make an enquiry.

About copyright

The Dunkeld Museum has many unique records, photographs, certificates, registers and manuscripts; however, we may not always own Copyright. As such, we may or may not be able to provide you with direct copies without first gaining permission of the Copyright owner. This may incur additional fees.