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Old Dunkeld Cemetery

The Dunkeld Old Cemetery is the final resting place for over 260 of the district's early pioneers and settlers.


About the Cemetery

What sad stories are reflected in the graves of the Old Dunkeld Cemetery. 

There are deaths recorded from diseases, such as diphtheria, whooping cough and typhoid. Deaths from accidental poisoning, drowning and misadventure. In some cases there were suspected murders. In some families there are a number of children who died in infancy. 

Some people's bodies were discovered months after their lonely deaths somewhere in the bush and were only able to be identified by their belongings.

The Cemetery was active during the years 1855 to 1905, although the cemetery wasn't gazetted until October 1866. 

The Cemetery was closed in 1901 as it was determined that the rocky volcanic ground was too difficult to dig graves by hand to the necessary depth for burials. While some burials continued, it was necessary to blast the rock in order to continue.

In 1905 the first burial took place at the New Dunkeld Cemetery.

Burials at the Old Dunkeld Cemetery

The Old Dunkeld Cemetery 1855-1905

Compiled by Joyce Gordon for the Dunkeld Museum Inc and researched by Heather Funk and David Gordon, this book contains a full list of the people buried in the Old Dunkeld Cemetery.

Over many years, the team researched each and every person buried in the cemetery, documenting their often sad stories, hardships and family life. 

The book also includes a short but incomplete list of lone graves in the District.

Official certificates available

In conjunction with the research, death certificates were obtained for each individual listed in the book.  Copies of these certificates are available for purchase. Please contact the Museum for more information.


Buy your own personal copy of this book in our online store to have it shipped direct to you.


Old Dunkeld Cemetery Burial List

Follows is a list of the names of all those interred at the Old Dunkeld Cemetery, The names with an * after them have headstones, some have deteriorated to the extent they are no longer readable. Photographs of the remaining headstones are available for purchase at the museum.

Burials A-L

ALLEN Vivien Marie (buried 1895)
ANDERSON Robert (buried 1877)
ANDERSON Thomas (buried 1876)
BAGLIN Edwin John (buried 1877)
BAGLIN Emma Jane (buried 1876)
BAGLIN James Henry (buried 1876)
BALL Benjamin Snell * (buried 1877)
BARNES Louisa * (buried 1874)
BONNAR Mary Jacobina (buried 1886)
BOURKE/BURKE Susannah (buried 1878)
BOX Edward Martin (James) * (buried 1857)
BRABHAM Alice Agnes (buried 1877)
BRADY Charles (buried 1887)
BRADY Ellen (buried 1897)
BRADY Henry Miles (buried 1891)
BRADY James (buried 1872)
BRADY Margaret (buried 1899)
BRADY Maurice Cornelius (buried 1892)
BRADY Patrick (buried 1886)
BRADY Stella May (buried 1897)
BRENNAN Elizabeth Margaret (buried 1878)
BULL Emma Louise * (buried 1892)
CALLAGHAN Eliza (buried 1871)
CALLAGHAN James (buried 1872)
CAMERON Ann (buried 1887)
CAMERON Catherine * (buried 1878)
CAMERON Dugald * (buried 1880)
CAMERON Robert (buried 1895)
CARROLL Sarah (buried 1882)
CASHMA John (buried 1856)
CASSIDY Un-named male (buried 1873)
CHANDLER Un -Named female (buried 1867)
CHANDLER Un-Named female (buried 1867)
CLARKE James (buried 1877)
COLLINS Edwin (buried 1891)
COTTER Henry (buried 1898)
COTTON Edgar (buried 1876)
CREE John (buried 1859)
CULLINANE Ann (buried 1890)
CURRIE Catherine (buried 1877)
DAWSON William (buried 1877)
DEVEREUX John (buried 1886)
DICKIE Adam (buried 1895)
DICKIE Annie (buried 1902)
DICKIE Johanna (buried 1876)
DICKIE John (buried 1872)
DICKIE John * (buried 1899)
DICKIE Margaret (buried 1888)
DICKIE Robert (buried 1864)
DICKIE Robert (buried 1902)
DICKIE Sarah (buried 1903)
DICKIE William (buried 1871)
DICKSON Jacobina (buried 1903)
DONOHUE Robert George (buried 1891)
DUCKMANTON Albert * (buried 1886)
DUCKMANTON Amelia Elizabeth (buried 1898)
DUCKMANTON John Thomas Sydney (buried 1903)
DUCKMANTON Samuel (buried 1866)
DUNCAN Andrew (buried 1868)
ELLIOTT James * (buried 1897)
FIELD Charles James (buried 1900)
FIELD Edward Ernest (buried 1887)
FISHER Isabella Ellen (buried 1899)
FISHER John (buried 1892)
FISHER Marmaduke (buried 1899)
FITZGERALD Bridget Mary (buried 1891)
FITZGERALD James (buried 1886)
FOLEY Hannah (buried 1884)
FORD Margaret (buried 1872)
FORD Samuel George (buried 1869)
FRANKLIN Francis (buried 1856)
FRY Catherine (buried 1885)
FRY Sarah Ann * (buried 1897)
FUHRMANN Emilia Julia (buried 1868)
GERMAINE Frederick (buried 1899)
GILL Ellen (buried 1866)
GILLAHAN Bernard Baden (buried 1901)
GILLAHAN Bridget Eileen (buried 1905)
GILLIS Catherine (buried 1875)
GILLIS Mary (buried 1875)
GOW Walter (buried 1872)
GRACE Amelia (buried 1884)
GRACE Mary (buried 1885)
GRACE Michael (buried 1901)
GREEN Charles Herbert (buried 1885)
GREEN Edwin Hosking (buried 1877)
GREEN Mary (buried 1880)
GREEN Un-named Female (buried 1865)
GREEN Victoria Marley (buried 1888)
GREY Harold H Wilson (buried 1890)
GREY William L Rosekelly * (buried 1872)
GRIFFIN George Michael (buried 1897)
GRIFFIN Margaret (buried 1890)
GRIFFIN Mary Jane (buried 1885)
GRIFFIN Thomas (buried 1871)
GUNN Daniel * (buried 1866)
GUNN Daniel * (buried 1878)
GUNN Margery * (buried 1885)
GWYTHER Un-named female (buried 1878)
GWYTHER James William Wyatt * (buried 1862)
HALLEY John (buried 1877)
HAMLIN Margaret (buried 1882)
HARDING Emily (buried 1898)
HARRIS Annie (buried 1887)
HAYES John (buried 1896)
HOGAN Annie (buried 1899)
HOGAN Stanley (buried 1896)
HOGAN Timothy (buried 1867)
HONEY John (buried 1869)
HORNICK Mary Ellinor (buried 1875)
HOWELL Elizabeth * (buried 1904)
HOWELL Florenece * (buried 1903)
HOWELL Frederick Thomas * (buried 1898)
HOWELL Philip James * (buried 1901)
HUGHES Jane (buried 1886)
HUGHES John Henry (buried 1883)
HUNT Henry * (buried 1903)
HUNT Mary Ann * (buried 1897)
JOHNSON John (buried 1867)
JONES Mary Jane (buried 1877)
JONES Thomas (buried 1867)
KEARNS Laurence (buried 1896)
KEARNS William (buried 1884)
KEEGAN Mary (buried 1866)
KEEGAN Thomas (buried 1873)
KENNY James (buried 1889)
KRANZ John * (buried 1862)
LAING William (buried 1879)
LEA Phillip (buried 1865)
LESTER Thomas (buried 1868)
LOUGHRAN Edward (buried 1878) 

Burials M-Z

MACPHERSON Catherine (buried 1875)
MAGUIRE James (buried 1878)
MAHONEY George (buried 1902)
MAHONY George (buried 1871)
McARTHUR Alexander * (buried 1902)
McARTHUR Margaret * (buried 1886)
McCONVILLE John * (buried 1864)
McDONALD Donald (buried 1895)
McDOUGALL Duncan * (buried 1874)
McDOUGALL Maria (buried 1867)
McFADYEN Allan (buried 1882)
McFADYEN Ann (buried 1882)
McFADYEN Jessie (buried 1898)
McINTOSH Alexander (buried 1883)
McKINNON Sarah (buried 1881)
McLEAN Dugald (buried 1891)
McLEAN James (buried 1857)
McLEOD Roderick * (buried 1898)
McMANUS Michael (buried 1877)
McNEILL Ann * (buried 1892)
McNEILL Roderick John G (buried 1896)
McPHERSON Ann (buried 1872)
McPHERSON Donald (buried 1896)
MEREWEATHER Alice * (buried 1864)
MEREWEATHER William * (buried 1867)
MIDDLETON Alan Percy (buried 1891)
MIDDLETON Amy Hester (buried 1894)
MIDDLETON Catherine (buried 1894)
MIDDLETON Florence Isobel (buried 1891)
MIDDLETON Helen (buried 1901)
MIDDLETON Robert (buried 1900)
MIDDLETON Stanley (buried 1901)
MIDDLETON Thomas (buried 1866)
MIDDLETON Thomas (buried 1901)
MILLER Henry (buried 1879)
MITCHELL Jane * (buried 1863)
MITCHELL Martha * (buried 1860)
MITCHELL Martha * (buried 1884)
MITCHELL William * (buried 1883)
MORRIS John (buried 1869)
MURPHY John James (buried 1891)
NICOL Archibald Charles (buried 1898)
O'BRIEN Bridget * (buried 1887)
O'BRIEN William * (buried 1880)
O'CONNOR Clarence Campbell * (buried 1897)
OSBORNE Elizabeth (buried 1877)
OSBORNE Emily Wilmot (buried 1893)
OSBOURNE Alice (buried 1881)
OSBOURNE Susan (buried 1878)
PAYNE Edward (buried 1902)
PEART Mabel Emily (buried 1888)
QUINLIVIAN Martin Francis (buried 1901)
QUINN Emma (buried 1889)
RADLEY Cecil (buried 1895)
RADLEY Joseph (buried 1899)
RADLEY Louisa (buried 1884)
RAIN Thomas (buried 1891)
READ Mary (buried 1865)
REID John (buried 1881)
REILLY Alice (buried 1878)
ROSS Barbara * (buried 1855)
ROSS Janet Christine (buried 1892)
ROSSINGAL John (buried 1883)
RYAN John Tyrell (buried 1866)
SCHULTZ Christina (buried 1871)
SCHULTZE Alexander M.D. * (buried 1858)
SCULLIN Mary Ellen (buried 1883)
SEYMOUR Thomas Thompson (buried 1889)
SHEEHAN Jacobina (buried 1876)
SKERMER James (buried 1885)
SKERMER-HARDY John (buried 1886)
SMITH Alan Andrew (buried 1904)
SMITH Arthur Allan (buried 1891)
SMITH Elizabeth Julia (buried 1890)
SMITH Hugh (buried 1878)
SMITH John (buried 1891)
SMITH Un-Named Male (buried 1879)
SPRUHAN John (buried 1867)
SPURHAM Martin (buried 1869)
STURGESS Ann Lavina (buried 1886)
STURGESS Claude (buried 1905)
STURGESS James * (buried 1887)
STURGESS Mary Ann * (buried 1896)
TEMPLETON Andrew (buried 1903)
TEMPLETON Andrew * (buried 1864)
TEMPLETON Bina Murdoch * (buried 1896)
TEMPLETON James * (buried 1872)
TOOKE Joseph (buried 1882)
TREMBLE James (buried 1889)
TUCKER Henrietta Olive May (buried 1889)
TURNER Jacobina (buried 1886)
UNKNOWN Male Chinese person (buried 1880)
UNKNOWN Male person (buried 1866)
UNKNOWN Unknown male (buried 1867)
WADE John (buried 1894)
WALKER Ann (buried 1872)
WALKER Arthur James (buried 1883)
WALKER Charles * (buried 1899)
WALKER Daniel Patrick (buried 1898)
WALKER George (buried 1879)
WALKER George (buried 1893)
WALKER James (buried 1889)
WALKER Sarah (buried 1893)
WALSH Honora Jane (buried 1884)
WEIR Mary Edith (buried 1897)
WHITE Ellen (buried 1880)
WHITFORD Almond Cornish (buried 1895)
WHITFORD Amelia (buried 1891)
WHITFORD Frederick Charles (buried 1898)
WHITFORD Lydia (buried 1901)
WIGMORE Elizabeth (buried 1868)
WILLIAMS Grace (buried 1867)
WILLIAMS Martha (buried 1863)
WILSON Elizabeth Ann * (buried 1867)
WOMERSLEY Ann (buried 1898)
WOMERSLEY Clarice Mary (buried 1901)
WOMERSLEY Edith * (buried 1880)
WOMERSLEY Florence (buried 1878)
WOMERSLEY Frank * (buried 1867)
WOMERSLEY George (buried 1881)
WOMERSLEY Gertrude Esther (buried 1894)
WOMERSLEY Helena (buried 1878)
WOMERSLEY Margaret Amelia (buried 1898)
WOMERSLEY Samuel (buried 1876)
WOODBURN George (buried 1880)
WOODBURN Hubert (buried 1882)
WOODHEAD Agnes Ethel May (buried 1888)
WOODHEAD Hannah (buried 1883)
WOODHEAD Henry (buried 1899)
WOODHEAD Samuel (buried 1883)
WRIGHT Maria (buried 1882)
YOUNG William Willison * (buried 1894) 

The Unknown Tombstone

Are you our super sleuth?

This is an image of the Unknown Tombstone situated in the Old Dunkeld Cemetery. It is a great memorial, however there are no names on it.

The name plaque may have possibly been removed, or it may never have been erected on the tombstone. We would love to have someone identify it for us!

Know something about this memorial? Contact us now!